The Comparison of Worldly Citizenship to Heavenly Citizenship

Lets compare Paul’s argument for living out heavenly citizenship with worldly citizenship. Lets look at how the qualities we have manifest in what we pursue. 

The World: The Bible tells us that the qualities of worldly citizenship are as follows: we are dead in sin, have a fate of destruction, are given over to lust and anxiety, and have no idea of the definition of love or an example of true love. The world has no mercy. As a result, there is no desire to complete the joy of others but only a pursuit of own happiness that is never satisfied. This pursuit of the happiness of self seeks its own ideas, it’s not about unity but about individuality, it lives in the authority of relativism, the authority of self. Individualism! It is prideful and ambitious, seeking own ideas and own glory. It ends up being just like Satan.

Now let’s see the opposite argument in Phil. 2:1-4 and the example in Christ in verses 5-11. See if you can see the difference.

Be encouraged as you realize the great privilege we have in living in the kingdom of Christ!