What is Biblical Counseling

Free Counseling

Whether you are facing difficulties in your marriage, struggling with your emotions (such as anxiety or anger), or need hope in the midst of a great trial, we seek to give biblical application to those who desire to please God in their lives. Our approach is one that places full confidence in the life transforming truth of the Bible as it points to Jesus Christ, in whom we find eternal truth and satisfaction. Ours is a free service with one stipulation: that all participants sit under the preaching and teaching ministry of Hyde Park Baptist Church while counseling with us.

Why do we counsel with the Bible?

We believe that God’s Word is without error and sufficient for the challenges we face as human beings. Many people who have grown up with respect for the Bible are unaware of the power contained in its life-giving message and eternal wisdom. The central message of the Bible is the good news of Jesus Christ, and through this message the biggest problem of all human problems is eternally solved. Stemming from this is help and hope for all of life’s relational, emotional, and spiritual needs. In this way, Biblical Counseling is distinct from all other forms of counseling.

What will happen?

The first step is filling out a counseling application found in the link below.  Following this, you will be contacted further for any clarifications. Based on acceptance and availability, a first appointment will be made. Apart from rare circumstances, such as criminal activity, our counseling will remain private between the counselor and counselee. The process of counseling can take from 6 weeks to 4+ months. We will ask questions, consider biblical texts, give practical applications as homework, and expect thorough completion for your benefit.


Below are links to the consent and personal data forms that we use as applications for counseling. 




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