The Condescension of Christ for Us – Philippians 2:5-11

I want to ask you a question this week and wonder if you might ponder this as you read the Scriptures and as we approach our gathering together.  What is the mind of God?  Can we as Christians actually know the mind of God?  Is the answer yes, no, both yes and no, or I don’t know??  I would submit to you that Philippians 2:5-11 at least gives us a special insight into the very mind of God, and it is stunningly beautiful. It is exhibited in Jesus. 

Do you find Jesus beautiful? Do you find him stunning? If you are answering “no,” I want to encourage you that it is possible to see the stunning beauty of Jesus only by carefully reading your Bible. So often in our world we are told to look within ourselves to answer questions like this. But for those in Christ it is completely the opposite.  If we are to find any beauty within, it is only because Christ might be changing us to be more like him. But introspection (looking intently into one’s self) has us only looking at that which is imperfect and marred by sin. We see unhindered beauty only when we look at Christ. We see Christ only in the Scriptures. So this week, I put to you that in the scriptures we see Christ, and he is stunningly beautiful, and in Christ we see the mind of God. Christ is the visible example of the very nature of God communicated to us in the special way that he became flesh and walked among us. Jesus IS the special revelation of God.  So…do you want to know what is in the mind of God? Do you want to know God? Look at Jesus.