Hyde Park Baptist Church

Hyde Park Baptist Church is a Christ-centered community close to downtown Cincinnati.  Our aim is to please Christ, preach Christ, and become more like Christ. We are serious about the truth of the Bible and the grace of God that transforms lives. We believe that Christ brings hope to hurting people, primarily through reconciling us to God through his work on the cross.

If you are wondering about some of the distinctives of our church, they could be summarized in the following points.

  • We are a discipling church and we seek to see each and every person in our church to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and love for Jesus.

  • While we are all about truth, we make intentional efforts to show that God’s truth and grace cannot be disconnected. As such, we seek to teach truth with humility and practice truth in love.

  • We are a counseling church. As part of our discipleship process, sometimes the overwhelming struggles of life require formal and personally catered discipleship. Our church offers biblical counseling - a discipleship process that believes strongly in the power of the gospel and the sufficiency of the scriptures to help hurting people.

  • We are a preaching church. When we talk about preaching, we don’t mean that we are preaching at you, but that together we come around God’s Word in our Sunday service and seek what God is telling us from his text. We practice expository preaching and expository listening.

  • We are a Church Family. Our church seeks an environment where we are one big family. While we have many individual families that come, we seek to see our spiritual elders teaching and loving those who are younger. We have King’s Kids (Sunday School) during our Sunday School hour (9:45am) for our elementary and middle school age students. We also have a nursery during our church service (11am). Our nursery is generally for children aged 6mths to 4yrs and during the time we train our children for readiness in sitting with Mom and Dad in the big service. Our high school / college students typically meet for prayer, study, and fun about once per month. We have church family lunches at the last Sunday of each month and we constantly encourage each other as brothers and sisters in the faith. We are a family.

  • We are missional. We seek to reach our community and the world with the gospel of Christ and through local and global mission, we long for the growth of the great commission to make disciples of all nations.

Hyde Park Baptist Church has had quite a long history. God has transformed us from a frontier church with nine members to an urban church that has members who were born in Cincinnati, Argentina, Burma, the Philippines and many places in between. Our church can look back at the achievements of the past, but our focus is on the future to see how God will use us for his glory. Our challenge is to present the truth of God’s Word in love to the Hyde Park community, the city of Cincinnati, and to the ends of the earth. Come join us and help us make a brand new history for Christ and his people.