Hyde Park Baptist Church

Hyde Park Baptist Church is a Christ-centered community close to downtown Cincinnati.  Our aim is to please Christ, preach Christ, and become more like Christ. We are serious about the truth of the Bible and the grace of God that transforms lives. We believe that Christ brings hope to hurting people, primarily through reconciling us to God through his work on the cross.

Hyde Park Baptist has a long and fascinating history.

It all started in the settlement of Columbia with the help of a surgeon in George Washington’s Revolutionary War Army. That surgeon was Steven Gano. With enthusiasm, leadership, and devotion to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ, Steven Gano  took nine members of the pioneer settlement and formed the first Christian place of worship in the Northwest Territory. On January 20, 1790, the Columbia Baptist Church was established. Two years younger than the City of Cincinnati, this Church has always been, and is now, inspired by the timeless divine commitment—preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and proclaiming God’s love through a sharing lifestyle. On the original site of the Columbia Baptist Church, located near the Lunken Airport, rises a tall pillar which commemorates the courage of the Columbia pioneers. On it are inscribed these words: “The Columbia Baptist Church erected its first house of worship on this spot in 1792. The lot contains two acres of ground purchased of Benjamin Stites and was deeded to the Baptists of Columbia Township.”

Columbia was subject to spring flooding from the Ohio and Little Miami Rivers, so eventually people moved to higher ground. In 1808, Columbia Baptist Church also decided to re-settle. They moved the church to Duck Creek Road and Edwards Road. A new location brought a new name, The Duck Creek Baptist Church. By the 1870’s, the church was facing a familiar problem. Again, population had shifted and people had moved from the area. The decision was reached in 1875 to move the church to Grace Avenue in Mt. Lookout. The name of the church became the Duck Creek Baptist Church at Mt. Lookout.

In 1904 the church voted to move to Hyde Park. The chapel was built in 1907 and in 1924 construction began on the main sanctuary and fellowship hall. Two years later, the church was completed.

Hyde Park Baptist Church has had quite a long history. God has transformed us from a frontier church with nine members to an urban church that has members who were born in Cincinnati, Argentina, Burma, the Philippines and many places in between. Our church can look back at the achievements of the past, but our focus is on the future to see how God will use us for his glory. Our challenge is to present the truth of God’s Word in love to the Hyde Park community, the city of Cincinnati, and to the ends of the earth. Come join us and help us make a brand new history for Christ and his people.